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About Order of the Morning Star

Hello, and welcome to our kin website!

Order of the Morning Star is a family friendly kin named after Luthien Tinuviel, who was known as the Morning Star of the Elves.

Our kin is geared primarily towards married couples and/or players with kids, mainly because we know how crazy life and gaming can be with a family. 

Schedules can change in a flash; we are understanding of those situations.

We also expect a level of maturity and propriety that will enable parents to allow their children of any age to play alongside them in Middle Earth, so please keep this in mind.  
We strive to be as helpful as we can to each other whether it be with questing, crafting, leveling, etc.  Our goal is to be a close kin of like minded fellows who will help and be there for each other in every sense of the word.  
If you feel this kin seems like a good fit for you, please apply here, or contact any officer via in-game message or in-game mail. 

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